Welcome to KollieKazoo, and yes that is collie spelled with a k like some sort of hip and trendy brand. Not to be confused with Koolie, which is an Australian herding breed. Although they may be related, and both are breeds of dogs, this website is specifically tailored to rough collies, a breed of which Kazoo belongs to.
And yes, Kazoo is a real dog by the way, not some sort of imaginary mascot. I do draw her a lot though, especially over on the comics tab because she is a fun creature to doodle with all of her markings. She also makes a great muse for warmup doodles. Kazoodles, if you will.
kazoo doodle kazoo photo
Now, Kazoo is my first dog and first rough collie. I say first both optimistically and pessimistically. I am in love with her, but I am not going to lie and say that she does not frustrate me sometimes. I also have nothing to compare her and her breed to, but I do not want my hesitation and mixed emotions to cloud what a wonderful relationship we have and what the future holds for us.
I made this website to remind myself of all the wonderful things we do together and document my journey of dog ownership and who she pushes me to be. It is all for fun, consisting of stuff we like to do. Well, Kazoo does not like to code or draw, or rather does not know how to do either. Teaching her to make art might be possible, I fear coding is too difficult, mostly because I am not even good at it, but I digress.
KollieKazoo is a journey in dog ownership, by somebody who is still learning what that means while making being a dog owner a giant part of their personality. Sure, the website will have advertisements and some affiliate links, but what does not these days? Plus, I think it is pretty obvious that any money this website gets is just going to go back into spoiling my dog for full transparency.